Our night in white


We just happened to have a Saturday night free in February and our good friends, Mark and Danell Watt said one night over a few drinks that they had a strong desire to have a classy party – something that the valley doesn’t always have, something with a difference, a wow factor, a dress up theme, abundant wine, food and entertainment… something along the lines of Diner-en-Blanc which started in Paris many, many moons ago. So with that said it struck a cord with Nick and I, and because its everything we strive to be – we quickly whipped up the ingredients which gave birth to a Dinner in White at Olive Rock.

With a fantastic turn out of elegantly dressed men and women the late afternoon hummed with excitement as the wine flowed and the sun showed off the surrounding mountains in spectacular hues of reds.  The moon soon rose and the dining area came to life with its necklace of stars and winking candle light – guests waved their napkins to signal the chef to send the starters, then they later lit sparklers to entice the main meal.  Slow Jack led the evening with their charisma and magical sounds and Theodore Keys captured interesting and fun, exaggerated portraiture’s of each couple. Riaan West  was there taking every opportunity and angel to snap the evenings unfolding, what a nice, friendly and gentle soul he is.  He is a big fan of hugs, and nothing is too great a task for him.  He recorded our night perfectly. Paige Fiddes also swirled her way around the beautiful people and captured live imagery – the atmosphere, the thrill, the light, the laughs, and the views – which i will be sharing with you soon.

All the decor prettiness, together with a few of my ideas, and Diner-en-Blanc as inspiration was artistically and professionally sculptured together by Marcel , who if I ever need anything pretty done – he is my go-to-man! He has made so many of our brides unbelievably happy and grateful, he takes pressure off of everything, and he is a sweetheart to work with. He batted his eyelids at Decor 4 u and they offered all their brand new white gorgeous, classy white furniture for us to enjoy.  It made Olive Rock look superbly chic and it was the perfect addition to our White theme.

Exquisite wines were generously sponsored by Lateganskop, Seven Oaks and Ernest Gous & Co and were enjoyed by every guest, contributing to the relaxed environment and complimented every scrumptious meal.

I have posted most of our pictures in our gallery or you can see more on Riaans blog .

Thank you to Mark and Danell for your desire to have a classy affair, and thank you to all the service providers, the guests, my staff, and my husband (our chef) for allowing Olive Rock the privilege to dress up and buzz with joy and love and magic.

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