Olive Rock rocks their Food Experience

Ahhhh, we are on such a high after our amazing event on Saturday, 31 May.  I dont even know where to begin…

We had an incredible turn out of wonderful and super excited bridal couples for our next season coming to enjoy a feast put on by my Nick.  I lined up some really fabulous suppliers that were just so eager to get involved and make the day magical. And all of this put together (with an added softening from our arrival cocktail Jamaican Rum Punch) transformed into a lovely day out for our guests and they left here with the biggest smiles, the biggest bellies and the best memories.

I had to say a little speech before starters were served, and i now know how every groom has felt standing up there in front of an Olive Rock Wedding audience. Nervous. All you see is a lot of eyes amongst big teeth and smiles.  I was once told you should try picture your audience naked… firstly that would have been rude to my guests and secondly when all the eyes and smiles are staring at you its hard to picture anything else.

So my speech really was to thank our bridal couples for choosing Olive Rock and for their support.  Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. We love what we do, we love our space in between mountains  and we love making people happy. And then i thanked the service providers that added that ‘ something special’ to our day:

Anneri Mouton from Red Fox Designs for designing our invitation

Beréna from Mint and Magnolia for the tables pretties

Adele Visser for the waiters make-up (i have her details)

Monique Penwarden – Bridal dressmaker for the waiters dresses

Sean Kelland from Kelland Photographey for snapping the days moments

Paige Fiddes from Paige Fiddes Photography for also snapping moments (a budding photographer, and also my pretty daughter)

Peppi & Paul Stanford from the fabulously talented AmaWolseley Marimba Band for the pre-drinks jingles

Zenn – our live one man band who got all our guests toes tapping during lunch (you can get his details from me)

And the local wineries – Tulbagh Winery, Krone, Lemberg and Mountain Ridge – they did wine tastings for our guests.  We do have some good wineries in our area!

I also thanked my husband Nick for being pure awesome-sauce.  He once said to me – ‘Balance. Its all about balance.’ And thats what we are are.  We balance each other perfectly in everything we do.  Perfect match for the perfect venue.

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One thought on “Olive Rock rocks their Food Experience”

  1. Diane Thake says:

    Simone & Nick you once again put up an wonderful event – it looked like so much fun!

    Wishing you an amazing start to a new wedding season!!

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