Loving our new website!

So in February we met this beautiful bride, Kate Butcher, and her dashing groom, Anthony at our exquisite venue and they fell in love with OLIVE ROCK the second they arrived and they immediately booked for their wedding in November.

It turned out that Kate’s one major talent is creating gorgeous websites and she recommended we update our site because it really didn’t do Olive Rock any justice. Her words to us were – if Diana Moss (Miss Moss – famous blogger who was married here in October 2013) chose Olive Rock for their special day then the venue had to be something quite radical but the website didn’t get that message quite across like that, and that’s why Kate & Ant decided to drive out to see it for themselves.

And so since then Kate has been helping us put together a website that showcased the “real” Olive Rock. We are so excited about it, its fresh and simply elegant just like the venue.

You can find Kate here – www.thebutchersshop.co.za - if you are looking for someone to help you with the face of your business.  Thank you Kate and your team of copy writers and developers for all your patience and hard work.

The Butcher's Shop




Kate & Ant we so look forward to your wedding in November after building this wonderful relationship and friendship with you!


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One thought on “Loving our new website!”

  1. Candy says:

    I love it! Such a beautiful site Nick and Sim. Kate is right, the new website certainly does Olive Rock more justice, although seeing it is definately more impressive and getting married at Olive Rock even more so!

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