A dinner to blog about

Last night we had friends over for dinner.  Nick thought we could all do with a spoil so he went all out, our food is always good but last night was extraordinary. We started with a classic prawn risotto followed by Nicks take on Beef Wellington with homemade puff pastry (this is the business OMG) and finished off with my decadent Lindt chocolate brownies which Nick kindly topped with mascarpone and clementine preserve. Sleeping kids, warm fires, candle light, white wine, red wine, sharing stories, laughter, smiles, happy tummies.  You cant beat it!

You will find my pictures in our gallery - i have thrown in snippets of the whole night, including our little kids, Scarlett & Ethan.  We found a way to kill time and keep them busy before bed time.  A spray bottle, cloth and dirty windows.  Works a charm! And then you will also notice that i enjoy playing with my camera, hence interesting lighting shots and im particularly fond of black & whites.


Dinner-2 Dinner-13 Dinner-7 Dinner-28 Dinner-30

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