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Beautiful creations

10 Apr 2015

Beautiful December weddings – a beautiful Beth and her Donovan graced Olive Rock one morning while I was setting up for a wedding.  Such an elegant couple, Beth wearing a gorgeous wide-brimmed sunhat, were all smiles as they sat falling in love in every corner of Olive Rock  - with the views, the energy and […]

The most stylish team

2 Apr 2015

All the way from JHB came Clarise and Rick, who knew they loved Olive Rock before they even got here.  And we felt super privileged because with being in the industry themselves (Garniche Studio), they chose us.  With food and wine a huge passion of theirs they wanted their guests to eat delicious fancy free […]

Vintage weddings – Cara & Vanya

2 Apr 2015

If our liquor licence wasn’t until 2am, this crowd would have gone until sunrise.  Mojito’s, wine, delicious food, good friends and close family are all the right ingredients for a fantastic celebration party – and this was in abundance this night for sure. The service providers contributing to this experience at Olive Rock were: Decor […]